The Vision

Alice Henshaw’s desire is for every woman to experience a highly tailored one to one service. Alice is driven by witnessing women offered either a look that the doctor wanted to provide or the look of the latest celebrity. Neither recognise each woman’s uniqueness. Only by a bespoke service relating to individuals bone structure and skin type and honest advice that a woman will gain the subtle ‘natural enhanced’ look. 

Every client of Alice has treatments they wish for such as dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables, that subtly suits them and only they know have been done. All the admirers simply wonder why they look so good. It is every woman’s dream to be able to actually say ‘I woke up like this!’ – we can make that dream come true with minimal side effects and with virtually no down time required, it really is that easy with Harley Street Injectables!

The Journey

Inspired by skilled surgeons who can transform individuals’ lack of confidence in their daily lives through cosmetic operations and botulinum toxin, Alice worked for private clinics in the prestigious Harley Street, London. It was here she saw the lack of personal, tailored injectable treatments. Alice’s passion for each client, the after care service and her expertise to say no to a client when she believes a treatment is not in the best interest for them separates her from the ‘profit not people’ clinics.

The Clinic

Harley Street Injectables was developed on Harley Street in 2014 by Alice Henshaw. Alice’s success tells its own story from her international clientele, to her extensive press coverage. Alice has created a bespoke lip injection technique and prides herself on providing a service using only quality products and investing in the latest machines. 

The Harley Street Injectables team are all highly trained and skilled individuals who understand the art and aesthetics of beauty. You will never leave the clinic looking overdone.

We welcome you to come for a no obligation consultation.

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