One of the most common skin blemishes we treat in our clinic is hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the face and body. These spots are typically the result of picked acne or other scars which have been exposed to the sun. Sun exposure causes our body to increase melanin (tanning cell) production.

Sometimes hormone changes will also incur excess pigment (Melasma; also known as mask of pregnancy). Other spots include general skin ageing such as liver spots, likely to occur particularly over the age of 40.

Hyperpigmentation is when an area of the skin darkens due to the overproduction of the skin pigment; melanin. Some examples of hyperpigmentation are freckles, sun spots, age spots, under-eye dark circles and melasma. It is relatively common and usually a harmless condition. However, for some, it may be an aesthetic annoyance as it can affect any part of the body including the face, neck and hands.

The Consultation

During a consultation our team will create a custom program of in-clinic Treatments and Home Care tailored to your specific needs.

Treatment Options include Laser or Dermapen, medical skin peels and take home prescription skin care from Z.O Zein Obagi medical. As essential is our treatment programs are home care when treating pigmentation as exposure to the sun results in pigment re-occurring once treated.

We also recommend wearing a SPF 50 with UVB and UVA as a crucial step in your home routine.

The ultimate pigmentation and resurfacing package

We combine three luxury treatments to provide you with the ultimate pigmentation and resurfacing package: fractional laser, pure hydration facial and a prescription skincare to get rid of the most stubborn pigmentation and acne scarring. These three programmes combined will give you the ultimate result for clear, healthy hydrated skin.

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